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Dependable Accessibility Remodeling Services


Residential assessments take an average about one to two hours. We ask that you be involved in every aspect of this assessment, as this is to be specific to your individual needs. This service includes measurements and drawings of your home, highlighting the current areas of need, specified by you. This will be completed on site to ensure we have addressed all areas of need. Once all concerns have been assessed/addressed, we will then put together a detailed report on your behalf. This report will include the current condition of the area/location of concern, as well as the proposed modifications to the area/location. The assessment comes complete with pictures and blueprints, indicating full accessibility and functionality to your newly modified home.

Bid Coordination

Bid Coordination Services

Bid coordination is designed to help alleviate some of that stress that comes along with residential and commercial modifications. Upon completion of the assessment, Current Accessibility Solutions will contact licensed, qualified contractors able to meet the demands of the modification. Our team will locate no less than two licensed and qualified contractors (in your area, if possible) to bid on the proposed project. One of our licensed disability specialists will be at the location with the contractors during the bidding process. This will ensure an exact comparison between both contractors bidding on the project. This is imperative to the project, as the end numbers are not to be swayed by outside influences. We know that comparison down to the last detail is extremely important. CAS only works with contractors that have completed and passed a background check, are HIPPA compliant, and treat our clients with dignity and respect, all while being mindful to the client’s situations, needs, and resources. 


EAA Coordination services

CAS cannot stress enough the importance of selecting the right contractor. Selecting your contractor means selecting the team that will be in your home/business or that of your client or loved one. You are trusting them to turn this location into an accessible masterpiece. EAA Coordination Services is just as important, if not more important, than bid coordination. Having an experienced team to manage all aspects of your project can become your ace in the hole. That’s why bid coordination is also included in our EAA Coordination Services. Having your bid coordinator as your EEA Coordination means you have the same team working with you, as well as for you, from start to finish. A EAA Coordination will coordinate all scheduling, assist you or the client with product selection such as paint colors, floor samples, and accessible equipment needed in your home. EAA Coordination Services will be there to resolve any unforeseen situations that may arise during the project. CAS will ensure that the needs of the client are always a top priority. CAS puts forth great effort to make sure that the project is completed in a timely manner and that all aspects of the scope of work have not only been completed, but have been completed to the client’s satisfaction. 

Project Management

Assistive Technology & Specialized Supplies and Equipment 

Assistive Technology 

CAS provides Assistive Technology assessments and purchasing for automated needs a client may have. This includes (but is not limited to), GPS tracking devices, window & door alarms, automatic door openers, voice command electronics to run your home and wheelchair adaptations. 

Specialized Supplies and Equipment 

CAS is a registered Durable Medical Supplier with Department of Health and Safety. Our office assists in the purchasing of Specialized Supplies and Equipment for both physical and/or developmental disabilities. We search for and locate the best and most durable items requested to meet our client's needs. Although every client is unique, some examples of our more common items requested are weighted blankets, sensory toys & equipment, adaptive clothing, adaptive bikes and specialized shoes for AFOS.