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About Current Accessibility Solutions

With extensive experience working with clients with disabilities, Current Accessibility Solutions in Minnesota, would like to offer you the independence and functionality that you have been searching for. There is much more that goes into accessibility than one would think. From entering and exiting your home independently to using your own bathroom and having the ability to be more connected to the outside world, the possibilities are endless. Our dedicated staff is licensed and trained with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, as well as the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services, providing you with the best services available. We want to be part of your journey to independence.

Handicapped Lift

Residential Modifications

Remodeling your home can become stressful, and remodeling your home for accessibility can make you feel very overwhelmed. Look no further. Current Accessibility Solutions specializes in making your life peaceful during this time. We recommend you start with a home assessment. This will layout the plan from start to finish based on your specific needs. Find all of our qualified services under our RESIDENTIAL & COMMERICIAL page.

Commercial ADA Compliance

Commercial buildings following ADA compliance must be flawless. There is no room for error. Let Current Accessibility Solutions take that pressure off of you with our team of Accessibility Specialists. Licensed and registered with both Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, as well as Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services, we are ready and able to serve you. 

EAA Coordination Services

Prior to beginning a project, it’s important to know of the many steps involved to secure the best outcome. From the initial assessment to helping you select the right team for the job, we’ll manage all aspects. 

Our mission is to promote better handicap accessibility in homes and businesses throughout Minnesota. To request more information regarding the products and services available to you, call today to speak with a staff member. We look forward to helping you find a personalized solution!