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ROI Release

This form is used to verify the client has given Current Accessibility Solutions permission to discuss information pertaining to a specific project with another agency, contractor, case manager and so forth. It is not used for any other purpose other than to help gather further information.

Referral Form

The referral form is used by case managers working with clients on waivered services. The form is filled out to give Current Accessibility Solutions information regarding services needed for a specific project, client or service. This form is downloaded and can be emailed or faxed in to a secure email.


What is a Waiver?

Waiver and Alternative Care (AC) programs provide home- and community-based services (HCBS) to meet the needs of people with disabilities and older adults. People must be Minnesota residents and meet the eligibility requirements specific to each waiver/AC program.

Can I qualify for a waiver?

Yes; waiver/AC programs must meet federal and other guidelines, which include:
•     Eligibility requirements
•     Funding parameters and limits
•     County, tribal nation, and/or state policies
•     Services available

Each waiver/AC program is based on an agreement between DHS and the federal government (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services [CMS]). These agreements are called waiver plans or AC protocols.

While DHS manages the waiver/AC programs, lead agencies administer the programs. Lead agencies include counties, tribal nations, and managed care organizations (MCOs).

Can you help me even if i'm not on a waiver?

Yes. We are able to assist you by setting up a plan that works with your needs and your budget.

What Work do you specialize in?

CAS specializes in accessibility. This is described in any and all assistance in disabilities. We can help cover areas of home modifications to help with finding assistive technology. If there is a need with a disability, we are determined to help find a solution, even if it means not with us.

Which modification is most common in a residential home?

The most common modification in the home is access getting in and out of the home, including, ramps and lifts, followed very closely by widening doors and modifying bathrooms.

How can we contact current accessibility solutions?

Current Accessibility Solutions is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This excludes federal holidays. We are reachable by phone, email, and fax.


How did you choose the name current accessibility solutions?

When finding a name that describes what we do, all fell short. We are always moving and evolving. We strive to stay up to date to offer you the most innovative technology and building solutions. We want to help the community by leading them in the direction they need even if it is not with us. A current is always running and evolving. It also means up to date. These are a few of our main goals we strive for in our mission statement. It just fit!

What types of disabilities do you work with?

We work with all individuals with all disabilities. Whether your disability is physical or not, we are here for you.

What type of commercial work do you do?

We work with commercial buildings to bring them up to code with accessibility, determined by the state of Minnesota and federal law.

How do you come up with your pricing?

We work with our clients and our communities to bring the most affordable rates possible. We do not have a set cost for any one service. We do have guidelines set forth by the state and federal government. We strive to help not hinder when it comes to accessibility. We will work with you to get your independence.

Do you work in my Area?

Yes! We service the whole state of Minnesota! 

Can i be a part of the planning of my modification?

We always want our clients to be involved in the planning and selection of their materials for their modifications. This is your home and you live in it. We want you to feel happy and comfortable with items and selections you will see every day! 

Do i need to own my home of place of residence to have a modification?

You do not need to own your home or place of residence to have a modification. However, permission will need to be obtained from the property owner prior to starting any projects.

Does current accessibility solutions do construction?

Current Accessibility Solutions does not hold a contractor license. We do work with the best contractors in the state to provide the service of construction. CAS holds a license with the Department of Labor and Industry to work and perform other services. CAS will get you in contact with the best contractors by coordination. 

Is my information safe?

Yes. We take personal information very seriously. We do not disclose any personal information with our prior authorization in writing. Any and all information shared after obtaining consent is used to build the project presented and find solutions to the project.

Can i contact you about a family member?

Yes. We always welcome questions and concerns about accessibility. We want to help you find the right solutions.