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About Current ACCESSIBILITY Solutions 

Our Story

Current Accessibility Solutions was founded knowing how important it is for people with disabilities to have complete access to their homes. Your home should be a space where you feel comfortable, not battling to use everyday items. 

After a car accident left her mother disabled, Current Accessibility Solutions founder Heather Smith needed to find ways make her home more functional and accessible. When her mother was released from the hospital after months of surgeries and physical therapy, Heather quickly found that their split-level home was not suitable for the new needs of her mother, meaning changes needed to be made. All members of the family worked together to build a ramp that stretched from the garage to the backside of the home, depositing directly into the master bedroom. Accessing certain parts of the house wasn’t the only issue; other obstacles included narrow doorways, showering, toileting, and using the kitchen. To keep her mother active and involved, Heather and her family had to come up with creative and innovative ways to fix these issues. After 20 years of caring for her, Heather’s mother passed away.

This did not deter Heather from continuing to work with people with disabilities. In fact, it encouraged it further. Shortly before her mother passed away, Nick, Heather’s husband, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Nick required continuous care, and with two young children to take care of, the couple needed state assistance to help them through this difficult time. Three rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and two bone marrow transplants left Nick in remission but disabled, as the cancer had reached his spine.

As of today, the Smith family is doing well, and using it's past knowledge of disability to further enrich the lives and mobility of others.

Heather and Family
Utilizing the experience Heather acquired assisting her family,
as well her Bachelor’s Degree from Bemidji State University and licenses and training from the Department of Labor and Industry,
Current Accessibility Solutions is here to help you make the necessary improvements in your home.